The Judge and The Historian

Ramses Delafontaine

Historians as Expert Witnesses Ramses Delafontaine

Michael Schaller

Michael Schaller

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Michael Schaller is Regents Professor of History at the University of Arizona. He works predominantly on the history of America’s foreign relations.

Schaller has been an active expert witness for the defence in tobacco litigation. In more than 15 years, Schaller has participated in 36 court cases relating to tobacco issues. In an affidavit submitted for Caronia v. Philip Morris in 2007 Schaller stated that he charged $225 an hour for his litigation-driven research on tobacco.[1] He furthermore acknowledged during a deposition taken for Grill v. Philip Morris in 2010 that he made approximately $100,000 a year as an expert judicial witness for the tobacco industry. In addition, Schaller disclosed he had started working for the tobacco companies in 1995 and had made $1.3 million dollars in total as an expert.[2] In 2012, Schaller was deposed on the salaries he has made as an expert witness. He acknowledged having made around 1.5 to 1.6 million dollars. According to the same deposition, he started working for the tobacco industry in 1995.[3] He has not published any historical research on tobacco.


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