The Judge and The Historian

Ramses Delafontaine

Historians as Expert Witnesses Ramses Delafontaine

John Snetsinger

John Snetsinger

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Snetsinger is professor emeritus of the history department of California Polytechnic State University. He has only been involved in one tobacco related-case for the defence, namely, in Bullock v. Philip Morris in 2002. In the deposition he gave in that case Snetsinger acknowledged he had made over $100,000 as an expert judicial witness working for the tobacco industry. He furthermore declared that he had been first contacted to work on tobacco litigation by Allen Pervis, a lawyer from the firm Johsen, Tyler & Pervis. Michael Schaller, another expert historian working for the tobacco companies had recommended Snetsinger to Pervis.[1]


[1] See deposition of John Snetsinger, April 23, 2002, Bullock v. Philip Morris. Westlaw reference: 2002 WL 34425562.