The Judge and The Historian

Ramses Delafontaine

Historians as Expert Witnesses Ramses Delafontaine

John Drobny

John Drobny

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Mr. Drobny is a managed care specialist and is currently President of IHG, Inc. His areas of expertise include Texas medicaid design and history, Texas and national demographics and population compositions, case mix, Medicaid and health care financing, and the Texas medicaid insurance arrangement.[1] During deposition in Texas v. American Tobacco, Drobny stated that he charged $250 an hour for his services as an expert witness. He furthermore said he had been paid $41,000 for his work in the case.[2]


[1] I list Mr. Drobny as a historian because the court accepted him as such. Deposition of John Drobny, 13/08/1997. LTDL. Bates Number: DROBNYJ08193. Accessed 31 Oct 2014.

[2] Deposition of John Drobny, August 13, 1997, Texas v. American Tobacco. Westlaw reference: 1997 WL 34668149.